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Da Cove Right
sub-category : Bodyboarding
img 12-04-2010

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The beaches around Santa Cruz offer a huge variety of surf beaches. As I boogie board, my favorite is Sunny Cove. Access to the beach is about 2 miles north of S.C. wharf and just off 17th Ave. Da Cove, as we call it, truly is a body boarder’s paradise. It offers a nice right where the rocks jut out. There is a point break that forms from where the rocks stick out, kind of like a peninsula. If you time it right you’ll get a 15 to 20 second right cascading slide. It gets crowded on good days…I almost got in a fight the other day. The walk to the beach is precarious at best. The descent is literally down the side of a cliff and I’ve seen people fall so be careful. The cove is really protected from the wind making it a great place to hang out and enjoy the day even though the water gets a little dirty from time to time. It’s not made for surfers but is truly a legit body boarding sweet spot.
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